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Gifts from my Garden Friends


The Garden's Capture Game 



July 3, 2001
From Denise


Name: Jamie
Capture Date: 7/03/01
Captured by: Denise
Reason for capture: Jamie sends me sunshine whenever she writes to me, so she must be a sunflower. I think we need some scotch broom for her though. Everyone on the Oregon coast should have their own supply. Does that stuff grow anywhere else? I found out that Jamie lives just down the coast from me, so I hope some day we can meet in person. Wouldn't that be cool? 




July 3, 2001
From Lady Shadra


Name: Jamie
Capture Date: 7/03/01
Captured by: Lady Shadra
Reason for capture: Jamie is so warm and lovable. She is always sending me the most neatest stuff to go look at and she always make me smile. Thank you Jamie for being my friend. 



July 1, 2001
From Deelight




July 1, 2001
From Angelspath

Does your Garden friend spread love and joy to all? Maybe your friend is really a Garden Rose, the symbol of love and caring. What a wonderful time to tell your friend how important they are and make them a Garden Rose! 

Name: Jamie
Capture Date: 7/1/01
Captured by: Angelspath
Reason for capture: I'd like to capture Jamie and keep her on the SOC for a long, long time! What a rose of a member! 


July 6, 2001
From Lady Karlynn

Name: Jamie
Capture Date: 7/06/01
Captured by: Lady Karlynn
Reason for capture: Jamie made me the most beautiful Anniversary page. I deeply appreciate her time and thoughtfulness. She is a beautiful lady. 





July 1, 2001  
From Shree2U

What could be more happy than a daisy? Does your Garden friend always make you laugh and smile? The Daisy represents laughter and cheer and maybe this is the right time for them to actually be a Daisy! 

Name: Jamie
Capture Date: 7/01/01
Captured by: Shree2u
Reason for capture: Jamie is just such a sweetheart...she reminds me of Johnny Appleseed except she sows smiles! 


July 24, 2001
From Dee N.

Name: Jamie
Capture Date: 7/24/01
Captured by: Dee N
Reason for capture: Jamie is the best.. always sending me cards and special surprises. I appreciate her more than I can say. 

I'm supposed to be her Special Friend - but she's been the real friend to me.

Thank you my friend this is for you. 




June 30, 2001

From Richelle

The Petunia is strong and colorful, but is usually blooming in a group. Do you know a Garden member who is a team player and selfless so the whole Garden is beautiful? Maybe your friend should be a Garden Petunia! Beautiful alone, but makes the whole group shine! 

Name: Jamie
Capture Date: 6/30/01
Captured by: Richelle
Reason for capture: Jamie is just the best! She is always there to help any Garden member and I wish I could just reach out and give her a real hug!!! Thank you Jamie, for all you do for the Garden. 

July 3, 2001

From Connie O. 


Name: Alita, Angel Angie, Angel's Path, Big Unicorn, Bluechalet, Chell, Cheri, Connie P., CoolWanda, CrochetAngel, Debbie, Deelight, Denise, Dev, Gigglegal, Henny, Jamie, JanDee, Lady Crystal Angel, Lady Nickitta, Madelyn, MoonShadow, Peaceful Warrior, Richelle, Shree2u, Smilecan
Capture Date: 7/03/01
Captured by: Connie O
Reason for capture: The Special Occasions Committee is absolutely the greatest set of team players I've ever seen! They are committed each and every month to making sure that everyone feels special on their special days! They are appreciated!!! 


From Vintage Lady

Do you know someone at the Garden who has a wonderful sense of humor and puts a smile on all of our faces? Maybe looks on the bright side and seems to get everyone laughing again? Always cheerful and smiling like the lovely Pansies maybe? I'm sure your friend is a Garden Pansy!!! 

Name: Jamie
Capture Date: 2-11-2002
Captured by: Vintage Lady
Reason for capture: She has been so helpful to me, right from the start. She has certainly shown the "flower power" of the Garden of Friendship to me! 


Thank you so much for adding me to the Garden Patch!!
I feel so honored that you thought of me.





Name: GOF Party Makers
Capture Date: 08-09-02
Captured by: GOF Flower Garden
Reason for capture: You all deserve to be sunflowers in our garden for the wonderful job you did of brightening up our guestbook. Thank you for the party! 


----- Original Message ----- 
From: GK-Denise
To: <>
Sent: Friday, August 09, 2002 3:39 PM
Subject: [gof-parties] GOF Flower Garden

Dear GOF Party Makers,

This is a special gift from the GOF Flower Garden. You have been turned into a sunflower. Please visit the Flower Garden and read what was said about you.

You will find your sunflower plaque attached. Please display it proudly and link it to

We hope you enjoy your stay in the Garden of Friendship Flower Garden, and we hope you will add your friends as flowers there also.


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